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Find, Claim, and Redeem Promo Offers On-The-Go

What’s FisiRewards?

A digital promotion and loyalty program platform for modern brands to convert and retain customers in their business.

What We Do:

We help businesses to capture consumers’ attention, drive sales, motivate valuable actions, encourage frequent customer visit, and spend.

How it Works:

We partner with businesses to plan, and develop their promotions and loyalty program offers into mobile coupons, gamified promo vouchers, and digital loyalty points and stamp.

We distribute the offers to our various consumers’ touchpoints and enable them to seamlessly find, claim, and redeem at the nearest participating business location.

Our Digital Promotion and Loyalty Program Solutions

Mobile Coupon Campaign

This enables businesses to offer consumers promotional marketing deals such as;

  • A free gift with purchase coupon.
  • percent off purchase coupon.
  • amount off a purchase coupon or
  • buy-one-get-one-free coupon.

Ideal for Retailers, Restaurant, Bars, Spa Saloon, Supermarkets, etc. And good for gaining visibility, increasing customer footfall, and growing sales.

We will develop and distribute the mobile coupons to consumers on our various platforms and persuade them to claim and come redeem their rewards from you after making a purchase.

Gamified Sales Promo

Let consumers Spin or Scratch for a chance to win prizes such as Airtime, Phones, movie ticket, etc. These solutions will;

  • Add fun and adventure to your marketing.
  • Motivate valuable actions.
  • Increase sales and
  • Help you build a loyal customer database!

Ideal for FMCGs brand’s activations and Corporate event organizers who want to deliver memorable consumer experience, build a loyal customer database, and grow sales altogether.

Card-less Loyalty Programs

Encourages frequent customer visit and spend to your business locations nation-wide.

Let your Customers collect points or stamp with their mobile devices each time they visit and make purchases at your business locations. Accumulated points or stamps will be exchanged for available rewards. 

Ideal for retailers, restaurants, and FMCGs brands who are seeking a more reliable solution to help retain loyal customers, reduce overhead costs, and grow revenue rapidly.

How Your Business Can Use FisiRewards to Win and Keep Customers

Our Coupons Listing Site


We have a digital coupon listing website where promo and loyalty program offers from various businesses are published for easy access to the target consumers.


Consumers access, find and claim the offers on our website through their mobile phones from the comfort of their homes, offices or on-the-go, then visit a nearby participating location to make the required purchase, show the coupon on their phone to the cashier at check out point to validate and redeem their rewards.

The cashier will have to enter a dedicated location password into the mobile coupon on the customer’s phone to validate and mark the mobile coupon as used.

QR Code Marketing


You can insert into product packages single-use coupon QR codes, or seal up and stick the code on product packs.

Consumers who buy these products can unbox to reveal the coupon QR code, or peel off to find the QR code, then scan for a chance to win.


We create QR Codes that can be displayed using in-door or out-door marketing materials to display the codes for consumers to conveniently scan for a chance to win.

This can be used for In-store engagement by retailers, for experiential marketing, activations, and for corporate events where gifts and souvenirs are giving in exchange for data, sales or donations.

Key Features That Made FisiRewards a Super Amazing Promo Solution!

Date, time and amount restrictions

You can add date and time restrictions to the coupons, including expiry date and a start date. You can also set a maximum amount of offers claims/validations.

Watch a Video to Claim

Require your customers to watch a video before the can claim the discount. When the video ends, the claimed coupon opens in their phone’s web browser.

Data Capture

Require customers to enter data before claiming the offer. You can specify which input fields should be filled in. All data is stored in your database for remarketing.

Install an app

Require customers to install an app to obtain the discount. After the install customers can proceed with the coupon. You can specify the apps for iOS, Android or Windows smartphones

Share on Facebook

Require customers to share on Facebook before they can claim the offer. This will create the possibility for viral marketing for your coupon

Make a payment

Require your customers to make a payment to claim a discount or voucher. This method can be used for mobile sales or mobile ticketing.

How to Get-Started With FisiRewards


After Subscribing to any of our packages. You can submit your promo offers, duration of your campaign, number of rewards available, redemption locations, and assigned contact person email.


Our developer creates your offers into digital coupons, vouchers, points, or stamp. Then publish the offers to your target consumers’ touch-points and enable them to access, claim, and redeem conveniently.


We promote your offers using various marketing channels to ensure wider reach and participation, then monitor, the claim and redemption of the offers, analyze and report on the progress made.

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